BE SAFE AND SEEN - BiKe Safety and Fashion!

Lights on Bikes now!

An urgent look at bicycle Road Safety today.

Cycling and High Vis gear

Vladivar's Shop and Vlad’s Bike Bits are on a mission to get lights on bicycles compulsory!

Cycling is now so popular Road Safety needs to be brought up-to-date.

A new online shop selling a great range of new, good quality items - bicycle accessories, bike gear, road safety items, keep fit monitors, bike sat navs etc.

It has everything to do with Road Safety and the up-to-date, informed choice for choosing lights, clothes and accessories to ensure you are safe cycling at night, during the day and in traffic.

ALSO - A discussion about all aspects of Road Safety and the Rules and Regulations in force today. Welcome to Vlad’s Bike Bits - it is all about Safety, Safety and Road Safety! How often do you hear about cyclists getting fined for having no lights or no helmets? Probably never... But when a cyclist gets killed or injured it is reported everywhere.

We have lots and lots to talk about!

Vlad’s Mission Statement

This past year has taken the whole world by surprise! It has been a very difficult and worrying time but thankfully people are realising what is truly important in their lives and it has brought out the best in people. So many things have had to change and we must not let this momentum slow down - Black Lives Matter, our planet dying faster each day - we cannot go back to the way the world was!

Finally, it is being realised that money, power and wealth are powerless against illness and death and global pandemics like COVID-19. Now we are all recognising the importance of our Health Service, Nurses, Cleaners, Carers, Rubbish Collectors etc who work so hard, never complain and get paid “peanuts” for their effort!

In these times of change and austerity many of us find it hard to make ends meet, let alone to spend money on gifts for someone dear to us or for ourselves.

Vladivar's Shop hunts down sensibly-priced, new, second-hand, vintage and designer items - anything and everything - which we pass on to our customers at a sensible and reasonable price.

We believe that if we want to own it, then hopefully you, our customers, will feel the same way and want to own it too.

Confederate P51 Combat Fighter, limited edition motorbikes which literally stop you in your tracks!

Confederate P51 Combat Fighter